Withdrawal Fees

FIAT Withdrawal Fees

PoutineSwap charges zero fees to withdraw your FIAT (CAD money) to your bank account. Whether you use Interac E-Transfer, or EFT(soon) or VISA Debit(soon), with us withdrawing money from your PoutineSwap account is always free and always super-fast! Moving your own money should not cost anything.

Crypto Withdrawal Fees

*Update March 20, 2022: Binance Chain deposits and withdrawals are now enabled - this means, huge saving in gas fees over the Ethereum network.
At PoutineSwap we charge zero fees to transfer-out your crypto from your PoutineSwap account to your external wallet. You only pay the appropriate network fee. This is not a fee that PoutineSwap charges, but simply the fees for using the respective blockchain for a transaction process.
Please always ensure you use the correct wallet address for "sending-out" the crypto to your own personal wallet. All transactions are permanent and irreversible. PoutineSwap cannot cancel and/or "call back" any funds sent to the incorrect address.