3. Two Factor Authentication

The third step in the registration process is setting up a Two Factor Authentication process for your account. This means every time you login, you will be required to enter a password (like any other site), and also another method to verify that it is indeed you signing in to your account and not someone else with knowledge of your password. You will be provided with 2 simple options to setup the 2FA process - one via email - so every time you login, you will be sent an email with a verification code that you must provide to gain access to your account. The second option (and the one we HIGHLY recommend) is via Microsoft Authenticator app. Freely available from the app store. You simply download the app, scan the QR code shown and the app will automatically provide you with a login code. This method is highly recommended as it does not depend on your email system working or its integrity. This process is the safest option to protect your account from malicious actors.