5. Fund Your Account

Congratulations! As soon as your registration is approved by our compliance team, you are ready to fund your account.

Interac E-Transfer

This is one of the fastest way to fund your PoutineSwap account. At PoutineSwap our technology stack integrates seamlessly with with your bank via Interac. No sending emails, no passwords, no subject lines - none of that stuff. You just enter the amount you would like to fund your PoutineSwap account with and our system will automatically get Interac to send you the request for funds email. Click on the link, login to you bank and approve the funds - it's really that simple! From start to finish the entire funding step with Interac E-transfer takes less than 2 mins. Plus we have generous funding limits up to $10,000 CAD.

TBD - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

(Coming soon)If you'd rather send the money through an EFT, we have that built in our system so you don't have to run to your bank. You can send us an EFT directly through your PoutineSwap dashboard. You will need to provide your bank details such as Account Number and Transit Number. Funds can take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your PoutineSwap account via EFT. As with Interac, we have generous funding limits of up to $15,000 CAD per EFT.

TBD - VISA Debit

(Coming soon)Funding your PoutineSwap account via your VISA debit card has never been easier. Unlike other platforms that limit the amount of funds via VISA debit cards, we allow up to $10,000 of instant transfer via your bank linked VISA debit. You should check your bank account to ensure that you proper funds to match the amount you are trying to fund. Further, you should also check with your bank about any limits placed by them on your VISA debit cards. This process is fast and frictionless. Funds arrive in your account almost instantly.
*DO NOT USE YOUR VISA CREDIT CARD. This funding option only supports VISA DEBIT Card.