4. KYC (Know Your Customer)

After you have successfully setup 2-FA for your account, you will be required to go through a quick and seamless KYC process. KYC stands for Know Your Customer and this is a required process for our regulating authorities as part of our AML/TF program (Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing)
At PoutineSwap we take Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing very seriously. In fact we have engineered controls and practices in our platform design and extremely thorough written programs. During the KYC process, you will be given an option to continue the process on the phone (most people prefer to choose this option) or on the device that you are currently going through the registration process. Once you select the phone option, you would begin the KYC process by selecting your country of residence. You will then be asked to scan a piece of valid, government issued photo ID (passport, driver's license, PR card). The next step is to take a selfie of 2 sides of your face. Our program then matches your face with the govt ID and runs your details through our in-house list of our 5000+ data sources to ensure that you don't show up in any lists that prevent you from trading in capital markets, crypto, fintech or Interpol. Believe it or not, all of this takes less than 2 mins - we designed our system from the ground up after noticing how painful the on boarding and registration process is for a lot of crypto trading platforms :)
Once your KYC process is complete our compliance team reviews it and approves your account (usually right away)
That's it! In just 4 steps and less than 5 minutes, you have completed your onboarding and ready to buy and sell crypto currencies on PoutineSwap!