What's in for businesses?

High costs of payment processing results in lower net revenues for most businesses. Most businesses pay as high as 3% for every payment processed. This means for a nominal $30,000 processed in a month for a restaurant for example, $900 will go towards payment processing fees.
These fees are too high and they severely limit the growth of a business. Especially food business(restaurants, bars, eateries etc.) , where the margins are razor thin to begin with.
If you are a business owner, with Jellyfish, all you need is an account with PoutineSwap. Businesses can then choose to "Get Paid" using crypto. Enter your business details and with our quick approval process, you can be ready within 10 mins to start accepting crypto. You can generate and print your unique QR code and display it at your place of business. PoutineSwap users can simply scan the code and pay using their crypto. The best part - you pay ZERO fees for processing the payment. You get the full amount that your customer paid you.
Plus, your customers get instant cashback of 3-5%, depending on their trading volume on PoutineSwap for the month. (3% cashback being the minimum cashback, regardless of the transaction volume)
Plus, unlike other crypto payment rails, you don't have to deal with crypto price volatility - if you bill your customer $500, you get $500. It's that simple.