Which crypto currencies does PoutineSwap support?

At PoutineSwap we currently support OVER 90 CRYPTOCURRENCIES! Our dev teams are working extremely hard (while enjoying delicious Poutine) to bring you an even larger selection of coins and tokens for purchase in native CAD currency.
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Please note: Although we do our best to vet the coins and tokens we add to our platform, it is 100% your responsibility to check the project, your risk appetite and level of experience. Crypto is inherently much more riskier and volatile than traditional equities, but even within crypto, there are assets that are more riskier than others. You should not only check the project details, understand the tokenomics and then decide if a particular token is worth the risk. Some places to learn include forums, the project website, twitter and most importantly the project's Discord channel.
Our intent is to provide a wide variety of currencies so Canadians can easily buy them and then use as they see fit in any of the web 3.0 platforms/services/games etc. By allowing a direct purchase of these cryptocurrencies with CAD, we are removing massive roadblocks for mass crypto and web 3.0 adoption - such as high transaction fees associated with first buying a base currency such as Ether, then finding a decentralized exchange, then swapping for your token of choice, and in the process, paying extremely high swapping and gas fees.
We believe that for crypto to be mainstream, we need mass adoption, and we won't have that unless we make it easy and affordable for everyday users to get involved. The biggest roadblock being the high cost of entry.
The second benefit; for new users, it is high risk to go start swapping and using decentralized services. Many people lose crypto using their own wallets to transact/swap to fake decentralized exchanges, or not knowing how to protect their wallets, or how to properly swap.
By allowing users to DIRECTLY buy the said tokens using CAD, we are making the space safer in Canada.

What FIAT currency does PoutineSwap support?

At this time we only support CAD. Our dev team is actively working on integrating USD options for our Canadian clients and U.S clients.

What are the fees for buying and selling crypto currency on PoutineSwap?

There are no fees to buy or sell crypto currency on PoutineSwap. You can read more about this in the section "Fees" on the left hand side.

How can I transfer money from my bank to my PoutineSwap account?

Funding your account is easy and super-fast. We support Interac E-Transfer. Please refer to our section 5. "Fund Your Account", under HOW TO GET STARTED on the left hand side menu.

Does PoutineSwap offer ERC-20 Tokens?

Yes we do!

Does PoutineSwap offer BEP-20 Tokens?

Yes we do!

How long does it take for account activation at PoutineSwap?

Account registration itself only takes about 5-10 minutes if you have everything ready - 1 piece of govt issued photo ID and access to a smart phone to verify emails, phone and go through the KYC process.

How does PoutineSwap offer such good prices for crypto currency?

At PoutineSwap we have access to a massive network of crypto liquidity. This allows us to keep our prices low. We are local to Calgary and cater to everyone - from first time investor who want to put in $100, to seasoned investors with $100k crypto portfolios.
Think of us as Skyscanner! - With multiple sources of crypto liquidity, our system finds the best price for the currency of your choice at that particular instance in time.